Aug 25, 2009

The Champions League T20 Cricket Schedule For 2009 Season

The Champions League T20 Cricket Schedule For 2009/2010 Season

Preliminary round:

(The two teams from England will be named after the domestic Twenty20 Cup ends in mid-August)

Group A: Deccan Chargers (IND), England 2, Trinidad (WIS)

Group B: New South Wales (AUS), Diamond Eagles (RSA), England 1.

Group C: Royal Challengers (IND), Cape Cobras (RSA), Otago (NZL)

Group D: Delhi Daredevils (IND), Victoria (AUS), Wayamba (SRI)

(Two teams from each group advance to the second round)


Oct 8: Royal Challengers v Cape Cobras, Bangalore

Oct 9: New South Wales v Diamond Eagles, Delhi

Delhi Daredevils v Victoria, Delhi

Oct 10: Cape Cobras v Otago, Hyderabad

Deccan Chargers v England 2, Hyderabad

Oct 11: New South Wales v England 1, Delhi

Delhi Daredevils v Wayamba, Delhi

Oct 12: England 2 v Trinidad, Bangalore

Royal Challengers v Otago, Bangalore

Oct 13: Victoria v Wayamba, Delhi

Diamond Eagles v England 1, Delhi

Oct 14: Deccan Chargers v Trinidad, Hyderabad

Second round:

League A: A1, A2, B1, B2

League B: C1, C2, D1, D2

(Teams from the same preliminary group do not play each other again. Two teams from each League advance to the semi-finals.)


Oct 15: C1 v D2, Bangalore

Oct 16: A2 v B2, Hyderabad

A1 v B1, Hyderabad

Oct 17: C2 v D2, Bangalore

C1 v D1, Bangalore

Oct 18: A2 v B1, Hyderabad

A1 v B2, Hyderabad

Oct 19: C2 v D1, Delhi


Oct 21: Winner League B v Runners-up League A, Delhi

Oct 22: Winner League A v Runners-up League B, Hyderabad


Oct 23: Final, Hyderabad