Jan 10, 2011

Ganguly In Your Side - A No Brainer

I will tell you why ! See I know the management behind all the 10 Ipl Teams are highly qualified in fact some of them might be over qualified with countless alphabets after their name signifying the schools,colleges,honors and degree they have got but yesterday they all looked liked amateurs who have no clue about sports!

All well is when you are running a manufacturing unit or beer vending machine, when you make decisions based on numbers and numbers alone..Numbers don't tell the whole story in most scenario's.

KKR Has Made A Sin

What is the point in Winning ? Why Run A Club ? Are these clubs run to satisfy individual Egos among the Elite Owners Club! OR is it done for Countless Fans who stand in queue, buy tickets with almost their entire weekly pay (in some cases) to watch their super heroes...Dada Is A Super Hero in W.B. A winning KKR is in everyone's interest , every single fan understands that but a team needs to win only for it's fans.

A Big Marketing Fail

A winning KKR is a easier brand to sell, but Ganguly the name is a brand in itself, he brings in the crowd and not SRK as the actor would like to think.The KKR could have made the money 1.84 cr which just ticketing,merchandising and advertising using Ganguly!

Cricketing Logic Also Fails

This is last IPL's batting chart, its a Joke that rational thinking people can overlook such stats.I am totally at sea as to the rest of Sourav Ganguly fans

All I can say is like most places in our beloved country "Wrong People End Up In Right Places"

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