Jan 7, 2011

Value Picks In IPL 2011 Auction

These aren't the big stars who are int he bucket list but I am telling you these are players to watch out for! Actually I think one of the IPL franchises should give me a job as talent shout lol.Anyway my hands are already full or what! Instead of spending millions on one star, the strategy should be to invest on players who have potential.Any Idiot can make money investing on blue chip stocks! but your returns are low comparing to your investment.Blue Chip's aren't risk free either! An injury or Bad Schedule can ruin the party as Chennai found out with Flintoff, Instead Picking these fellows can be fruitful and make the owner laugh all the way to bank while things get done minus the bucket list.

  1. C.Pujara
  2. S.Badrinath
  3. M.Guptil
  4. D.Bravo
  5. M.Karthik
  6. E.Morgan
  7. T.Perera 
  8. S.Randiv
  9. N.Kulasekera
  10. D.Sammy
  11. M.Marsh

Need to add more players to this list, help me out as I couldn't find the entire auction list for IPL (new 350 players list)

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