Sep 15, 2010

Mumbai Indians - Back To The Future, Chennai Will Make It Two

If you are Mumbai fan you would be expecting atleast a semifinal appearance from your team.I say that the least you would expect from a team that dominated the IPL.It has everything strong bowling, greatest player ever as its captain and decent batting wait a minute ? does it have everything's ? Nope !!

I always miss the almost forgotten part "Fielding".The way Mumbai Indians fielded yesterday was nothing but championship material, you can say the catch to Sachin and the top edge to the final leg were difficult ones and its hard to criticize players for that, but the alarming thing is the ground fielding.Throws from the deep were weak and the fielding within the ring was even weaker.Malinga rolling over the ball on the fence, harbhajan letting one through his hands in the ring, and the list never ends with fielders trying to save the singles ...

The score that Mumbai Indians put up was very competitive, bowling looked good in patches but the real let down was their fielding.I was hoping that a team led by Master blaster can win a tournament, but now the hopes of Mumbai making it to the finals are very slim.Its like Mumbai went back to the team they were in the first two seasons of IPL.

Well Chennai certainly are contenders for the crown with they way they played against Otago stats, but now they real test begins where Chennai's consistency will be tested.They are a good team but they are against a team which is also from the subcontinent and play similar brand of cricket.

Wayamba is not a mere pushover with class and consistent performers in its ranks, non better than MJ himself, Jayawardene's role would be to stay there till the end, as their strategy of attacking play in the first 6 back fired in the last match.

All said and done, I still think Chennai has enough muscle to win this one, Chennai wins a close game is my call....

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