Sep 11, 2010

Mumbai Indians Lost Will Chennai Super Kings Follow ?

Like many a pundits have predicated lions to be the underdog's in the season opener of champions league 2010.We can all understand why everyone thought so,on paper Mumbai Indians had the better squad.But the important thing that help the lions on that day was on paper they had team.

They showed why you are better as a team than a group of brilliant players, Mumbai Indians have a great squad but they were not playing together as team for nearly three months.Dropped catches on the outfield, missed runout chances and poor running between the wickets in yesterday's match were all a result of this very reason.The big question for a Mumbai Indian fan would be how fast can they gel together and play as the team.

Lions on the other hand showed what discipline and teamwork can do, it doesn't always take superstar performances to win a t20 game, just a cohesive bunch of players doing the basics right and avoiding the mist

So Mumbai Indians found it hard so will Chennai Super Kings be the next big IPL team to be facing defeat today ?.Chennai Super Kings are the current IPL 3 champions and a much better well balanced consistent side than Mumbai Indians.Over the last years they are the only IPL team to have played in 2 finals and 1 semifinal.

They are set to play against the Stags from New Zealand which makes the conditions neutral as they have no home advantage, all things said CSk will be rusty and they haven't played together since IPL3. So it would be a hard to win, but I think CSK are good enough team lead by the best captain in CLT2O to win this match.

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