Sep 10, 2010

Comparing the Champions League Of Cricket And Football ?

I don't whether some journalists are totally ignorant of facts or pretend to be one.I came across another article just before the launch of a big tournament on a cricket website.Just have read everyone

I dont know how this article even passed cricinfo editors, it should more likely to be a press release of fifa's champions league rather than cricinfo's take on the cricket's champions league .

Lets get things right before you compare these two leagues?

When you compare these two league or sports you are really hiding a lot under the carpet and infact the above article I posted shows as if all the troubles in sporting world arises from cricket.

Ah, cricket: smaller than football, but to many - notwithstanding match-fixing, rain, the unbearable dullness of most limited-overs matches, greedy administrators, egotistic administrators, power-hungry administrators, actually, administrators, period, and, of course, opinionated reporters - far closer to being perfectly formed
- Quote from Article

Its just not cricket which has all the evil that money brings, footballer have been there done that if anything just have a look at the recent controversies with wayne rooney-juci jenni what not...

FIFA's governing council's refusal to accept goal line technology despite worldwide protest that has been going on for sometime, is just another saga showing its remarkable ability of football's top body to do what it wants, some may call it arrogance, some ego and others Power.If some else does it before us we better not go that way

While comparing the price money of that of champions leagues is another dubious error in judgment, while football is played in all of the developed countries in Europe its bound to have more price money and its not a shorter tournament like the cricket league so the advertising revenues and sponsorship deals are also higher.

The claims of champions league of football to be truly global even is also questionable, it doesnt involve teams outside of europe while cricket has representative teams across the board.

Crickets league is still in its infancy, you cannot build Rome in a day, its takes time.Champions league of football has been here for since 1955 , ie over 55 years while crickets league just started in 2009 and its just its second edition.

I will add more points to this article, g2g now

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