Jan 11, 2011

Best English Cricket Television Show In India !

1.NDTV (Tea Toast & Sports,Sports 24x7 and also special shows on match days). Why I rate NDTV as the number simple they talk sense! Their anchors headed by the Sonali Chander, interesting cricket experts 

Ajay Jadeja (AJ) - He is the go to guy for NDTV, he is on the show even if it meant video conferencing from his hotel during his supposed breakaway holiday.AJ is the best cricket expert on tele without a doubt,he basis his views purely on cricketing matters and nothing else which is a very rare trait especially when cricket in our country is so much more than a game,it gets emotional.

Dean Jones (Prof.Deano) - Witty analogues, in your face criticisms and his acting (though he repeats some scenarios).An Aussie point of view on scheme of things.

Sunil Gavaskar (not a regular on the show), - The mans a legend, we believe in whatever he has to say, 9/10 he predicts it right, if you are betting person! what this show, will be making a lot of money. (you can also read my blog ) :)

Navjot Singh Sidhu - Sidhuisms have taken a break for a year or so! but he was the humorous side of this show before he got into politics and went missing from the scene.

And there are more people adding flavour to the show from time to time, but a show is not all about the celebrities but the hosts play a part as well.

NDTV Anchors & Sports Desk

1.Sonali Chander - Only person who can control Mr.Sidhu when he is on song!
2.Jaydeep Bhandarkar - love his sports stories, he doesnt appear that often on cricket shows but hope he does and also does a show on Arsenal ( GUNNERS )
3.Rica Roy - May be she is the next best interviewer in the NDTV sports desk after Sonali.
4.Anjali Doshi - She is a breath of fresh air in sports anchoring, Smile Smile And Smile Some More!

Dail C For Cricket - NEO Cricket

This is a live show hosted by Manish Vallicha every weekday on NEO Cricket.The show usually has a Cricket expert and every Friday night special shows a fan would get a chance to appear on the show and take the questions himself.The Fans get to express their views and debate it with the expert.

Its raw, straight forward and superbly simple. All the attributes to make this show run forever.Manish Vallicha is easily the best man for the job I cant see anyone else at NEO Cricket coming close to his intelligence or presence.Sometimes he talks better than the cricket experts on the show.

Even the cricket experts are not high profile cricketing stars better still they are domestic and retired players. Which makes its more interesting, Sometimes when a debate gets out of hand it is laughed out not reigned in!

One advise we all know Irfan Pathan is a good cricket but will you guys please stop talking about him lol every show has some fan talking about him! Even Sachin wouldn't get such PR, Must be Irfan is spending all the IPL on PR.

Star Cricket

No nonsense show on Star Cricket, Nikhil Chopra (former India Cricketer), Gautam Bhimani, and Jatin Sapru. Though its more of a entertainment show than a cricket show they sometimes talk Cricket.

It's completely unique and different to other shows on TV, ROLE Play is a special segment on the show where Nikhil take the role of different cricketers and tries to answer to questions.Though they sometimes fail miserably with the English accent part of it :), they do a good job especially for sub continental players.

Gautam Bhimani your are anchors envy, Jim Carey would certainly be happy to have your job.If it involves Bikini, Beaches And Cricket....You are the man for a report..


I unfortunately have watched CNN IBN's Cricket show, mainly because I don't have access to TV when I travel so use their live streaming which is good!They usually have very good cricket experts but their host are absolute amateurs.

Even their Sports Desk editor Gaurav does know how to handle a interview asking irrelevant questions that has no bearing on the current news, its like they have their own business interests to promote rather than cricket bringing the owner of cricketnext.com into every debate..

Everytime you turn to their show for some cricket news you get stuffed with scams,controversies and scandals.Yes we all know that there are scandals and scams in Cricket.We also know BCCI president is occupying two jobs but please can we discuss cricket the game in atleast 5% of the show.If we need anything of that sort we would have been watching Big Boss or Soap Operas we don't need that!Keep it to your entertainment shows

More On This To Follow Please Input If I HAVE missed anything!

Jan 10, 2011

Ganguly In Your Side - A No Brainer

I will tell you why ! See I know the management behind all the 10 Ipl Teams are highly qualified in fact some of them might be over qualified with countless alphabets after their name signifying the schools,colleges,honors and degree they have got but yesterday they all looked liked amateurs who have no clue about sports!

All well is when you are running a manufacturing unit or beer vending machine, when you make decisions based on numbers and numbers alone..Numbers don't tell the whole story in most scenario's.

KKR Has Made A Sin

What is the point in Winning ? Why Run A Club ? Are these clubs run to satisfy individual Egos among the Elite Owners Club! OR is it done for Countless Fans who stand in queue, buy tickets with almost their entire weekly pay (in some cases) to watch their super heroes...Dada Is A Super Hero in W.B. A winning KKR is in everyone's interest , every single fan understands that but a team needs to win only for it's fans.

A Big Marketing Fail

A winning KKR is a easier brand to sell, but Ganguly the name is a brand in itself, he brings in the crowd and not SRK as the actor would like to think.The KKR could have made the money 1.84 cr which just ticketing,merchandising and advertising using Ganguly!

Cricketing Logic Also Fails

This is last IPL's batting chart, its a Joke that rational thinking people can overlook such stats.I am totally at sea as to the rest of Sourav Ganguly fans

All I can say is like most places in our beloved country "Wrong People End Up In Right Places"

Jan 7, 2011

Value Picks In IPL 2011 Auction

These aren't the big stars who are int he bucket list but I am telling you these are players to watch out for! Actually I think one of the IPL franchises should give me a job as talent shout lol.Anyway my hands are already full or what! Instead of spending millions on one star, the strategy should be to invest on players who have potential.Any Idiot can make money investing on blue chip stocks! but your returns are low comparing to your investment.Blue Chip's aren't risk free either! An injury or Bad Schedule can ruin the party as Chennai found out with Flintoff, Instead Picking these fellows can be fruitful and make the owner laugh all the way to bank while things get done minus the bucket list.

  1. C.Pujara
  2. S.Badrinath
  3. M.Guptil
  4. D.Bravo
  5. M.Karthik
  6. E.Morgan
  7. T.Perera 
  8. S.Randiv
  9. N.Kulasekera
  10. D.Sammy
  11. M.Marsh

Need to add more players to this list, help me out as I couldn't find the entire auction list for IPL (new 350 players list)