May 24, 2009

Deccan chargers win the IPL and qualify for CLT2O

So we have a new set of teams to review this season for the clt20 after the postponement of clt20 due to the tragic mumbai terror incident chennai and rajastan royals both qualifiers from last year miss out on CLT20 2009. New Teams who finished at the bottom of the IPL table last year the deccan chargers, the so called "test XI"and daring devils all have qualified for the tournament to be held in India. The Royal Challengers, Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils will represent India, Victoria and New South Wales will represent Australia, while the Cobras and Eagles will be the two South African teams.

The tournament is a joint venture by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Cricket Australia (CA) and Cricket South Africa (CSA).

Lalit Modi, Chairman, CLT20, said, "I believe we have a concept that will inspire and motivate the future generations of club, state and county cricketers, while accelerating the development of the game globally."

"Our South African experience has taught us that the club concept is slowly but surely being accepted by cricket fans across the world."

James Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer of CA, and Gerald Majola, Chief Executive of CSA, were also present during the announcement.

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