Apr 25, 2010

South Africa Will host CLT20 2010 from 10-26 September

Its official now, South Africa will be hosting the event.It doesn't get any better than this, if you are in SA you are in for a 6 months of high octane ,top of the line sporting events. Just when you think you had the best summer hosting the FIFA world cup 2010, comes the CLT20.

South Africa without doubt would be making this edition of CLT20 a outstanding success, after all they pulled off IPL 2009 in 3 weeks .

The only worry i have is about the pitches as it would be early spring in SA don't remember any T20 beings played in September in SA.I think fans don't mind a bowler getting his share ones in a while.

Is there really a land like this ? It's Possible..:)

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