Apr 25, 2010

Chennai Super Kings ( CSK) are IPL 2010 Champions

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are IPL 2010 champions after a superb victory over Mumbai Indians by 22 runs.If there ever was a them that can beat Mumbai and claim they deserved it more then it would be Chennai.

They were the finalists in the inaugural edition of IPL, outplayed in the semi's in second edition, but here they are in the final for the second time in three years.They hoped the cricketing gods would help them in getting them the prize that was eluding their grasp.It looked like the gods were with them when dhoni won the toss, DY patil is a great venue, one of the best in the country but even it cannot sustain four matches in 5 days. The pitches need time to be groomed but there was non here.Yet the ground staff produce a relatively good wicket.Kudos to them.

Matthew Hayden looked like a fish out of water, Harbhajan singh was unlucky as very good LBW appeal was turned down, but eventually Hayden fell for a 31 ball 17, but not before M Vijay had scoped up a Fernando delivery towards Tiwary.

Badri came tried to infuse some momentum into the innings but fell by the way side losing his wicket,A miscued shot by Raina dropped between Abhishek Nayar and Dilhara Fernando at third man off Zaheer. Then, Zaheer failed to even line up the ball off another skier.It was when Dhoni and Rania drove into the Mumbai Indians.

It is what Champion teams and players are made of, when you give them the slightest opportunity they would make you pay for it, they did it in style, lofted drive over extra cover, the bludgeon straight past the bowler, Slog over deep midwicket it had everything a T20 innings should have and more with some super death bowling from harbhajan and malinga.

168 was a great score on this surface and the Mumbai Indian batsmen were under pressure from ball 1, add to the fact that the opening pair of Bollinger and Ashwin have been remarkable for CSK in the opening six overs. Sachin crossed the pain barrier as he tried to play the anchor, while everyone around him goes for leather.Despite the five stitches on his right hand, top scoring with a gutsy 48, but sachin had a lucky break when he clearly gloved the ball to dhoni, but it was turned down by Mr.Rudi .It was 58 for two in 10 overs when Nayar got run out

MI batsmen came one after the other to increase the momentum everybody except Kieron Pollard, even harbhajan singh had a slot above Kieron pollard, which clearly points out the defensive nature of their run chase, then eventually pollard come to the crease when 3 overs were left but by then MI needed 55 runs off 18 balls.Kieron Pollard blazed off 27 in 10 balls, narrowed the gap but by then it was too late.

Dhoni's men were brave, they were pushing for results instead of waiting for mistakes from the opposition, they looked like the more relaxed, hungrier and deserving team on night. Cheers to CSK and Whistle Podu.....MACHI

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