Oct 24, 2008

Adam Gilchrist apologises to sachin tendulkar

Gilchrist feeling the pressure of millions of angry Indian and cricket fans across the globe has finally succumbed to it and apologised for his comments against sachin tendulkar,

Adam Gilchrist apologised to Sachin Tendulkar over his 'liar, dishonest and sore loser" comments against Sachin Tendulkar

Gilchrist phoned Sachin Tendulkar today, and has reportedly apologised saying, 'Sorry'. Gilchrist also said that his comments were taken out of context by ,who else would it be?? other than our media.

Gilchrist also assured the master blaster that he will soon issue a clarification on this issue.

As I posted in the previous post no one can say something like that and remain loved by cricket fans. If gilchrist didnt make those comments,I hope he didnt then this issue will die soon, as both of these players have a lot more to offer for Indian cricket fans. Gilchrist had called Sachin Tendulkar, names like a "liar", "dishonest", "a sore loser" and a "bad sport" in his soon-to-be published autobiography "True Colors of My Life", over the Harbhajan-Symonds controversy. Gilchrist's remarks created a furore in India and abroad, forcing him to apologise.

Sachin Tendulkar also clarified that he received a call from adam gilchrist !!

It will be interesting what sort of welcome hyderabad fans will give for their team captain. May be its time to move on!! Only good thing to come out of this issue is that now gilly's autobiography is all set sell like hot cakes.

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