Oct 23, 2008

Gilchrist slams Sachin - In his autobiography-sachin a sore loser

Adam Gilchrist the Australian Wicket keeper Batsman and Deccan chargers captain has supposedly lashed out on Sachin Tendulkar in his upcoming Autobiography.

He claims that Sachin had changed his stance in Sydney Test fiasco involving Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds. He points out that in the beginning sachin claimed that he didn't hear what harbhajan said and then he changed his stance in the second hearing in which he said that he was actually using a Hindi word which sounded similar to monkey.

Gilchrist also calls "Sachin a Sore loser". He says that he can never find sachin for a handsake when India loses a match.

But My question is Why did Mr.Adam Gilchrist a wonderful Cricketer like him after years of cricket behind him say something like this, when the thing has been down adn dusted for over a year now??
The answer may be he just wants to sell his book.

Money makes people go mad!!

By the way he will be leading the Deccan chargers Side in IPL, I dont the fans of Hyderabad will be happy if Gilly leads a side if he did release his book with these remarks about Sachin.

Gilly was an very popular and cherished cricketer by the cricket crazy fans of India But I doubt he will be anymore. You cannot call Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar a Sore Loser and be loved by Indians it is as simple as that.

Sachin being the man he is will not reply to this, because he is to good a man to get involved in a diatribe.

Please vote so lets know what sachins fan think about gilchrist claims.

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