Oct 30, 2008

Are you Sports Crazy??

If you are sports crazy You have a Place to meet other Sports crazy fans.A new forum just for you.

The Sports fan deserves a forum to discuss the sport he loves.Though there are different forums for a particular sport,this is a unique intiative that allows all the sports to be discussed in a single forum.

This is the ultimate dream for any sports fan, a unique forum just for sports, an one of kind initiative.It will be the ultimate destination for sports lover residing in different parts of the world. The Forums is a host to a number of games starting from Cricket,football, basketball, baseball to golf and tennis. The forum holds discussion for most admired leagues like Indian premier League (IPL), Champions League Cricket(CLC),English Premier League (EPL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball League (NBA) and many more. In this way, sports crazy forum is the new hub of sports fans.

Apart from all forums, this website also provides space to video games(Arcade), which are of great demand amongst the teenagers as well as adults. The members of the forum can have photo gallery to show off your photo collection of your favourite teams.

Great forum to only and uniquely for Sports fan.I just registered

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