Nov 26, 2008

Champions League may not take place after Mumbai Terror Attacks

Mumbai was under terrorist attack late last night several key locations and hotels were targeted.Including the Taj hotel were the Victorian BushRangers were to stay. This is unprecedented in a way and it is a serious security risk for teams touring to India right now.

Middlesex Crusaders have cancelled their flight to India on Thursday for the inaugural Champions League Twenty20 after the attacks in the financial capital Mumbai.

Cricket Australia has also suspended its plans to send the Western Australian and Victorian bushrangers squads to India in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

The Western Australian Warriors and the Victorian Bushrangers were expected to leave for India today for the 20-twenty Champions League competition.

"We are in contact with DFAT, we have been speaking to our own security expert who is in India, we've been speaking to the ACA the players association and our own playing groups and stakeholders," Mr Pope said.

But all hopes are not lost on the tournament it is just an immediate security measure
"We find in circumstances like these that it takes at least 12 hours if not longer to gain a very clear picture and for clear details to emerge."Mr.pope Said

This is a very serious blow to the champions League organisers. As the situation looks grim for Champions Trophy, the options left are to either shift the champions trophy to either Australia or South Africa or use a neutral venue.

Champions League cannot afford to be abandoned, Millions of dollars are riding on this contest.
Every cricket fan would like to see the tournament go ahead. Lets hope so and let we spoil the intentions of terrorists.

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