Nov 23, 2008

Middlesex crusaders -set to arrive early for champions league

Middlesex Crusaders had a press release today before leaving for India. The Middlesex Crusaders will be leaving to India on the 27th November, and will have 5 days to prepare for their first match on Dec 3rd vs. Victoria Bushrangers. But that two days before the Champions League organisers are willing to pay their expenses. So they have to acclimatise to the conditions on the sub-continent with money from their pocket.

The main headache for captain Shaun Udal and Middlesex management is Owais shah and Andrew Strauss are of course officially on England duty in India already and are as such unavailable for Middlesex selection as it stands, whilst the champions League’s rules stipulate that only players registered with qualifying clubs at the time of them winning their domestic competitions are eligible for selection.

What made middlesex management spend out of their pockets for two days of extra training?? Well as far as I can think, they dont want a repeat of stanford twenty20 tournament were they failed to acclimatise themselves better to the lighting conditions and grounds.

This is a big tournament than stanford twenty20 and it gives a chance to win $6 million dollars, with millions of television audience this is the biggest stage that some of these players will ever play so preparing the best they can only do good.

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