Nov 26, 2008

Shane Warne Shocked by Mumbai Terror Attacks

Rajasthan Royals Captain Shane Warne walked into the transit lounge at Singapore airport this morning, looked up at the TV and could not believe what he was seeing.

What he saw was terror in Mumbai, where he and travelling partner, former Victorian wicketkeeper Darren Berry were heading. Darren Berry is one of the coaching staff of Rajasthan royals

Shae Warne and Berry were heading towards Taj, the hotel in which they were booked to stay. The hotel which being attacked by terrorists and where hostages were being held.

“I’m shocked,’’ he told the Herald Sun. “Chuck (Berry) and I got off the plane and saw the news on TV. It’s unbelievable. The place is chaos.

“We are heading to Mumbai and that’s the hotel we are staying at. I don’t think we will be going (to India) now. Why would you?”

Warne said he had pulled his bags from the connecting flight and would stay put at the Singapore airport and wait for further information.

He said he had been in contact with the Rajasthan Royals owner, who had been talking to the South African firm handling security.

“At this stage I am going to stay where I am for the rest of the day, but I reckon we are certainties to be on a flight heading home later today.

“It is just not worth the risk. No about of money is worth the risk with what is going on over there at the moment.’’Shane Warne told the Herald Sun.

With England and Australian cricket boards putting the departure of their teams on hold, it now looks like even the players want to leave as soon as possible. The situation for the champions League organisers is only getting harder. It will be highly unlikely that the Champions League Cricket will take place on scheduled grounds and dates.

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