Sep 9, 2009

Biggest Stage, So What? - Non IPL Teams

There are only three teams in champions league which has played in a T20 tournament of the magnitude of IPL. The rest are very experienced champion sides of their respective domestic competition. Champions teams are not born out of a single performance out of the blue, they are born out of consistent performance worthy of a champion. Consistent performace of an team depends on the entire team and not just an individual.

Wayamba, Otaga or Cape cobras rangers may not have stars who can win over the crowds and match single handedly but they have a team which can win any team with stars. Champions league will be the biggest stage for some of these players from the lesser known teams and the rewards of winning this tournament is not just monetary it opens doors for the club.

Popular teams are full of International stars who have the experience and the talent which had taken them to the pinnacle of the sport.But with ever increasing matches in a International cricket calendar tends to have an impact of these stars. Player burn out is for real, those who argue against it are just considering the physical aspect of it but there is an mental aspect of playing continuous non stop cricket at the highest level.

The pressure that each player is under in the modern game is beyond comprehension for most of us, it takes a toll and the desire to perform well diminishes in time.Only the geniuses who go beyond the everyone else can withstand this pressure and keep their mind clear.Thats why players like sachin and ponting are greats of the game, they are able to perform at the highest level for so long.

Hence the teams with lesser international stars have an advantage straight away, the desire to win and a fresh pair of legs to run.Sometimes its the biggest stage when things get tough that binds teams together, so a team the bigger the stage the better it is for smaller teams.The teams with lesser international players might mean a better understanding of everyone's role in the team as they would have spent the entire season play alongside each other without any international duties.

Every team no matter how big or how small they are have an chance, this is exaclty what makes cricket the game we love. Every player every team matter in champions league twenty 20

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