Oct 21, 2009

Champions League Will Be Pinnacle Of T20

Its refreshing to see that Champions League cricket is not like champions league of football. Where as the same five or six teams dominate the finals.In the last four years atleast two EPL teams have qualified for the last four making its dominance felt but the power of the english clubs have made FIFA look at the league in a different way. Dominance of any kind for a long period of time may lead to loss of interest for the fans.If what you expect and what conspires are the same?, where is the thrill of sport in it?. Sport is not a bollywood flick where the heroes win all the time

Okay I predicted wrong and my ricky whoever you are predicted right. You had said T&T to the semifinals.I did think they had a good side but never predicted entering the last four. What a tournament this has been. As I had predicted IPL teams did do well. But I expected atleast delhi to qualify for the Knock out stage but it wasnt to be.In the end the daredevils are blaming the pitch.No cricket match is won or lost just because of one mistake or an advantage, both the teams used the same pitch and the better team that played better cricket won.That should be the fair assessment of the league so far.

Trinidad & Tobago

Everyone's happy that a side from Caribbean is winning and winning big.This side has shown us all and to the cricket administrators back home what we are missing without the West Indian flavour in Cricket.The sheer passion with which the entire team ran towards Pollard when he smashed a six of Henriques to finish the game off.The attitude,the passion and the efforts that the guys have shown on the field of play have got them through to the semi-finals.They played with such flair even the locals were cheering for them though they beat the home team deccan chargers.This is the best thing that has happened for cricket in a long time.For most of the people who love the game and not the TRP's CLT20 is a success just for giving a stage for a teams like T&T.

Cape Cobras

Bang Bang Bang..J.P.Duminy sets the chinnaswamy stadium alive in what I think is the best innings of the tournament considering the situation the cobras where in,They haven't been the bookies or my favourite for the semi's but they are here.South African teams have been known for their fielding but these guys where on a different path on the first game dropping many sitters. They need to improve their fielding a bit and play fearless cricket as they have done so far now that the pressures on them in Semi's

New South Wales

They were the bookies favourite and mine too. They were strong paper with 8 Intl Players and where on the field too.They looked the champions side until a carribean hurricane hit them.In a bliztreig they looked helpless, without ideas and far from the champions. Kieron Pollard played the "The Ace" game, a match winner needs to produce an Ace game NSW are beatable.Even RF admits that pressure affects his game. Building pressure and clinching the right moments is all the opposition should think about.Reputations should be forgotten.

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