Oct 23, 2009

Clash Of the Titans - The Big Final

Trinidad & Tobago Vs New South Wales Blues

23 OCT Starts 20;00 Hrs IST

Everyone excited and ready to watch the finals.And what a final its going to be. Trinidad and Tobago and New south wales are the best two teams in the tournament so far and they are both a deserving finalists.

Trinidad and Tobago haven't lost a single game in the tournament and in other words New South Wales have their only defeat at the hands of Trinidad and Tobago.New South Wales was dominating that game for 3/4th of the match until a match winning knock from Kieron Pollard snatched victory out of nowhere.Someone has to produce a championship winning performance to win it for their team.

This is a game that needs a individual brilliance to make one team come on top of the other.

My Pick:T&T Not Just because I would love to see an west indian team win the championship but because they are playing the best cricket in the tournament.

Star:D Bravo

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